One third of our life we spend sleeping - and even more time we spend in bed. The importance of relaxing sleep on our general health and well being has been very well researched and documented by modern science. That is, why the choice of the correct mattress is one of the most relevant decisions we ever have to make. We are using our mattress many years and it should therefore fit perfectly to our individual sleeping habits and in addition, it should be long-lasting.


SISKO Betten und Matratzen Ventures offers high-end and premium quality, full-orthopedic spring mattresses, which provide the highest comfort and maximum support for the human body. Strong but flexible steel springs guarantee orthopedically correct positioning of your spinal cord and ensure superb ventilation of the mattress from inside out. Due to the use of special padding and cover material, the mattress stays dry and pleasantly cool throughout every single night.

Imperial - mattress technology especially for couples

orthopedic mattress for couples with springs and foam
orthopedic mattress Imperial

The mattress Imperial combines two separate spring structures - on the left side for woman and on the right side for men. High-density sponge-foam panels and the unique spring technology provide equal weight distribution, why your sleep is not disturbed by the movement of the partner.  You enjoy the advantages of two mattresses in just one.


Available in King and Queen size, thickness 30 cm

Nanotech Double Comfy - freshness, comfort & protection

orthopedic mattress with pocket springs, functional fibre and high-density foam padding
orthopedic mattress Nanotech Double Comfy

Our bed is a warm and humid environment, the ideal breeding ground for dust mites, which can cause the increase of the allergen concentration and the development of unpleasant odors. This mattress protects you from all of this: it features HyCare - an antimicrobial treated fiber used in the cover material. HyCare helps to improve the cleanliness of your mattress and hereby extends its lifespan.


Available in King size, thickness 26 cm

Majesty - premium quality for excellent comfort

orthopedic mattress with multi spring system, micro srings and bird dawn padding
orthopedic mattress Majesty

Majesty - nomen est omen. This luxurious mattress is made for people with the highest expectations. Its Multi-Spring- System consists of two separate layers of pocket springs with different hardness and height. The padding of the mattress is made from bird down, high-density spongefoam and fiber, what will provide you with optimum comfort while sleeping. 


Available in King size, thickness 35 cm