Sometimes, we come across beautiful things in the web or at other peoples homes and we copy it without further contemplation. Just few of us are aware of, what could be their personal style in interior design. We at SISKO Betten und Matratzen Ventures like to support you on your path of exploration..


Ideally, we may already accompany you, when your new home is still in the planning stage. Together, we could reflect, which function the house should have and each of the rooms inside. The habitation shall become a holistic experience. The rooms volume, its space and its illumination - the perception of these three components shall be inherently consistent. It must feel just right!


When we talk about interior design, in a narrow sense, we mean interior architecture as a holistic concept of habitation. It starts with the exterior, the building itself and resumes in the furniture and upholstery. Our experiences and well-trained interior planner commonly develop ideas and sketches with the owners of the new house or the building that should be refurbished. We discus your daily routines and expectations, in order to design your unique and perfect home.



upholstered furniture, armchair as living room furniture
Without skrollwork: A spacious couch for family and guests alike.
entrance area, spacious, minimalsistic, light
Generous Entrée: straight-foward lines, plenty of space and inviting illumination make the perfekt room to greet your guests
upholstered furniture, couch, armchair in a living room, classic style
Lots to talk: Comfortable seating in classic style for a cozy get-together

othropedic mattress for childrens bed, part of sleeping room furniture for girls room
The dream of a little princess: The room of the Queen of Ice
orthopedic mattress for teens bed, furniture for entire teens room Vintage style
College-Time: Space for studies and freetime
orthopedic mattress for bed frame Barkley, sleeping room furniture, wardrobe, night stands
Bedroom Barkley: Timeless elegance meets perfect function